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dreaming awakeComing in 2017!

DREAMING AWAKE, A NOVEL: Asta has always been able to see the future in dreams and visions. But when she sees her own slip into the afterlife, everything she knows begins to crumble.

Racing against time and all reason to change the future, Asta begins to question everything she knows about the nature of reality itself. And when she becomes suspicious that her friends and loved ones are not all that they seem, can she alter the past in order to save her future?

identity code“The day you realize that nobody on planet earth is a nobody, is the day you start seeing people through God’s eyes.”  Identity Code, available now as a paperback or Kindle on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1LAYvmx

  • Discarding old mindsets, promoting well-being, healing, love, and life for all of humanity.


wind song, katie reganTake a break from the stress of the world and immerse yourself in the fanciful world of cosmic wonder and grace. Wind Song: Poetry for New Creatures: 



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